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– Say This–NOT THAT!!

This is THE ORIGINAL Say This–Not That Book! Description: Have you ever had one of those â??I wish I hadnâ?t just said that!â? moments? In â??Say This, Not That,â? expert communication trainer Dan Oâ?Connor gives you the words and phrases you can use to effortlessly hit your communication target every time. With â??Say This, Not That,â? you can skip right to the punch and learn the danger phrases to avoidâ?the ones that are sabotaging your message, and the power phrases to useâ?the ones that will enable you to deliver your message with clarity and effectivenessâ?the ones that will move you to a new communication level and put you in the category of savvy communicator. No more skimming through pages to find what youâ?re looking for–every page has useful tools youâ?ll be able to apply immediately, and examples of each phrase in use. Furthermore, this program comes complete with quick-reference reminder cards you can have at-the-ready, so you can make these techniques your own–forever.
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