APEX SCALPER – Cutting Edge Forex – Apex Scalper

APEX SCALPER  Cutting Edge Forex  Apex ScalperAPEX SCALPER Cutting Edge Forex Apex Scalper
Finally a scalper that doesnâ?t depend on trading around news releases, spikes, and periods of high spreads. Expert Advisor works with a unique algorithm that detects supply and demand areas as they evolve and then enters positions into the forex market at these levels.Trades are based on price action around supply and demand areas.Does NOT trade depending on High Impact News (When many brokers increase spreads and use broker plugin tools against traders).Does NOT use any martingale, grid, arbitrage, or hedging components.Trades are always protected by a preventive Stop LossIntelligent exits include:Break Even loss prevention.Smart Trailing Stop.Multiple Target Profit Exit. Target Profits are spaced out every x pips.Safety features include:Volatility Protection â? Orders are withdrawn from the market if Max Volatility is exceeded on the 1 minute time frame. This is to prevent
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