luminous-mind – Pure Consciousness – (Theta)

luminousmind  Pure Consciousness  (Theta)luminousmind Pure Consciousness (Theta)
A pure consciousness vibration experienced in the sacral/adrenal, heart, throat, crown and high crown chakras, evoking a sense of pure being, ineffable pure consciousness.The recordings work in three ways:The tone or note of each bowl sympathetically resonates with a particular chakra (see below);The sound generated by the bowls carries the sutle energetic qualities of the materials in the bowl (see below);The brain can be entrained into one of the states in the respective recording (see below).A perception of unity with higher Self. Insepaerable from the most profound. Ineffable. Beyond duality. Non dual all pervading harmony. A purity of sutble conciousness is felt in all multi dimentions .The exquisite vibrations of these rare and beautiful bowls can help to lead our minds to a place beyond thought and division, where all is One.By bathing our minds in these exquisite sounds, we too can experience these states.
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