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Generacion Digital

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Generacion DigitalGeneracion Digital
Club de Marketing de Generaci?n Digital
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Join Us – The Way of Dante – The Way of Dante

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Join Us – The Way of Dante  The Way of DanteJoin Us – The Way of Dante The Way of Dante
Live Like A Hero Of An Action Movie! You Can Experience A 9 Days Journey Through Dante`s Inferno.
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easy Pipe Friction Loop (Windows)

easy Pipe Friction Loop (Windows)easy Pipe Friction Loop (Windows)
multi-purpose solutions for total pump head (pressure drop) calculation in series (branch) pipe + loop ring main pipe network.Hardy Cross method with Hazen-Williams equation or Darcy-Weisbach equation are used in solving loop ring main pipe network.Various selection and calculation tools are provided. They are:- Flow unit converter, Length unit converter, Pressure unit converter.- Pipe diameter sizer, Pipe material & ID selection.- Valve & Fitting selection (Equivalent length Le method or Resistance coeff K method).- Orifice plate pressure drop calculator.
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GameMaker Studio Course Book – GameMaker: Studio Course Level 1 eBook

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GameMaker Studio Course Book  GameMaker Studio Course Level 1 eBookGameMaker Studio Course Book GameMaker Studio Course Level 1 eBook
A complete introduction to using GML to create games using the popular software GameMaker: Studio. This level 1 introduction covers 25 topics. Learn and understand all the GML to create a Space-Shooter game. Then apply everything you`ve learnt to create your own games. Includes 100 mini projects, end of course assignments and a final exam. Suitable for home study and classroom use. A download link is provided for all assets and code for the final game in TXT format to copy & paste. 350+ Pages. If you`re new to GameMaker: Studio or have some experience, then this the book package for you. Includes download of all resources used, plus TXT files with code for the final game made in the book. – – – Learn GML – An Introduction To Making Games With GameMaker: Studio
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Hipnotist : ?

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Hipnotist  Hipnotist
Bu kitap ile,? Gruplar? ve ki?ileri nas?l hipnoz edece?ini,? Hipnotik testleri? Derin hipnoz için ?zel teknikleri? Hipnoz rutinlerini? Telkinler ile hipnozu nas?l birle?tirece?ini? Nas?l profesyonel bir hipnotist olunaca??n?? Ve daha fazlas?n???reneceksin!
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Bring Your Book To Life

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Bring Your Book To LifeBring Your Book To Life
.Video downloads of seminar. There are four sessions download.
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How to Flip House For Massive Profits with NO Cash and NO Credit

How to Flip House For Massive Profits with NO Cash and NO CreditHow to Flip House For Massive Profits with NO Cash and NO Credit
Learn to invest in Real Estate and flip houses without ANY of your own cash or credit /
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Diabetes Miracle Cure

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Diabetes Miracle CureDiabetes Miracle Cure
Weird 30 Second Trick Cured Diabetes.
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Article Writer & Re-writer

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Article Writer & RewriterArticle Writer & Rewriter
Article Writer
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basic subscription Allacademia, essay database /
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