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Independent Inventor`s Mentoring Program

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Independent Inventor`s Mentoring ProgramIndependent Inventor`s Mentoring Program
This is a companion program to my Independent Inventor`s Correspondence Course. Each week`s lesson has an “assignment” to complete. As a member of the Mentoring Program, you can submit this assignment to me for my feedback. You can send me your assignment and I`ll offer comments that are specific to YOU and your plan of action. We`ll work at YOUR pace … if you want to spend 2 weeks on 1 lesson, that`s fine. It`s your call. Let me take you by the hand, “grade” your weekly assignment from your Independent Inventor`s Correspondence Course, answer your questions, and give you personalized, one-on-one help. Your personal coaching also includes your own private, personal message board where you and I can communicate daily on a personal, one-on-one level. You are the only one who has access to this message board (other than me). Your personal coaching further includes answers to your questions. You may ask me ONE question per day (Monday-Thursday) related to the lesson that you are on.
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Correspondence Course For Independent Inventors

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Correspondence Course For Independent InventorsCorrespondence Course For Independent Inventors
This home study course reveals what you need to protect and profit from your new product idea… without working TOO hard! Getting started protecting and making money from your new product idea is exciting but at the same time very confusing to most people. As a patent attorney and experienced business man, I have been appalled to see the failure of so many people after spending thousands of dollars on their new product ideas. That is why I created this course which sends you a weekly lesson that you complete to do things right the first time. I`m making it available to you week after week in action-sized portions so you`ll actually get results. I`ll show you how to quickly get started and then keep teaching you week after week so you don`t get stalled along the way. As a student you`ll receive one 2-5 page weekly lesson for 52 weeks in downloadable .pdf format. Every lesson is strategically created in such a way that you`ll see results with the program.
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Facebook Profits Reprint Rights

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Facebook Profits Reprint RightsFacebook Profits Reprint Rights
For a Limited time you can get Resale Rights to “Facebook Profits”, and keep 100% of the profits from all your sales! Sell only 2 copies of this great new e-book and you will already be in the profit zone!Get yours before the resale rights are all sold out!(Order today and walk away with a $294 Bonus Gifts, as my thank you for trying my resellers program!)
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The Black Business Builders Club

The Black Business Builders ClubThe Black Business Builders Club
is an Affiliate Program of the National Black Business Trade Association (NBBTA). It offers a membership subscription for ONLY $14.00 to the general public and has a powerful compensation plan that can generate $500, $5,000 or $50,000 dollars a month in residual income.Membership in the club allows everyone the ability to send Video and Audio messages to friends, family and business partners with the click of a mouse. It also provides $1,000`s of dollars worth of tools and resources to effectively promote any other business you may own.Members also get 10-25% discount from major Retailers like, Wal-Mart, Sears, Dell, Office Depot, etc. and FREE Certificates for HUGE Discounts on Airlines, Hotels, Cruises, Restaurants, Entertainment, Auto Savings, Gas Cards, Groceries and more.The BBB Club was created to empower members of the black community but membership is not restricted and everyone is welcomed to join!
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unpossible thinking – ebook

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unpossible thinking  ebookunpossible thinking ebook
Do you ever get stuck in your thinking?What might it be like if you could know when you were stuck in your thinking?What would it be like if you could unblock your thinking whenever you wanted to? These two things are the key to:being able to spot opportunities, being able to generate really high quality ideas, making your work easier and more productive, decreasing your stress levels and helping other people to unblock their thinking.How could you use this ability?That`s really up to you! Because this approach works on you and your thought processes you can apply it easily to:starting a new business, resolving conflicts in your family, helping to make yourself happier and less stressed, helping your organisation become more innovative, getting your thinking out of a rut or solving problems creatively.To name but a few.
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*** Internet Tools University *** – I Come Clean, Seo Secret I Have Been Keeping…

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 Internet Tools University   I Come Clean, Seo Secret I Have Been Keeping Internet Tools University I Come Clean, Seo Secret I Have Been Keeping
Underground Seo Consultant… Reveals What He Has Been Sitting On For YearsA Strategy That Calls In Search Engines In The Super Hyper-Competitive Keyword Arena With Amazing Speed As A Result Of Testing Over 7.5 Million Pages In Over 30 Niches
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Online Magazine Business Made Easy

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Online Magazine Business Made EasyOnline Magazine Business Made Easy
Start your own online magazine for your city and make money and a name for yourself. You don`t need to know how to build a web site. We do it all for you. If you`ve got good writing skills or some basic media knowledge and is a lover of fashion and music, we can get you started. All you`ll require is a volunteer writer and a volunteer photographer, you are ready to launch a new career. We provide you with an instant magazine website and we personalize it for your city using our magazine brand. You can order it today and run it for 30 days and see if it suits you. We take care of all the web site uploading, hosting, graphics design, layout etc. We help you to gather the content from your city and you`ll be up and running in no time. We share advertising revenues with you on a monthly basis.
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The Complete Artist`s Success Guidebook: Ebook + Audiobook

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The Complete Artist`s Success Guidebook Ebook  AudiobookThe Complete Artist`s Success Guidebook Ebook Audiobook
The Art Of Being A Professional Artist. Practical Techniques & Priceless Insider Knowledge. Calling all starving artists! Get this ebook if you want to know… 10 great ways to get inspired. 10 best selling painting subjects. 10 techniques for FREE advertising. How to get PAID for promoting your art. How to price your work. How to deal with galleries on your terms. How to tap into the lucrative corporate art market. How to find and sell to profitable niche markets. How to raise your image – and your prices. How to generate an awesome client base. How to utilise the internet for exposure and sales. How to build a website that works for you. How to produce high quality art prints. How to profit through diversification. How to create a balanced healthy work life. and LOADS more – get a sneak peek inside. Learn the tools for complete success with solid instruction for amateurs AND professionals written by successful painter and teacher Richard Robinson. The complete audiobook is 3hrs long.
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Time For Profit

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Time For ProfitTime For Profit
The Number 1 Greyhound System on the net. Conversion rates currently at a massive 1 in 16! Earn top 90% commission by promoting this product. Check out the sales page and you will realise exactly why this product is a topseller. By promoting this product you will be making fat commissions and your customers will be happy as this product is backed by a 100 guarantee that it works!Promote and Earn Now!
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Internet Business Professional Membership

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Internet Business Professional MembershipInternet Business Professional Membership
Learn the Closely-Guarded Secrets of Internet Business Professionals!… Terry Telford And Edwin Ryan PresentThe Business Professional…*Profit Opportunity… *Insider Information… *Audio Interviews… Featuring: Internet Business Professionals… Successful Super Affiliate…Joint Venture Expert… Internet Business Expert… Membership Site Experts… Business Developer… Google AdWords Expert… “You`re About To Discover Secret Strategies And Closely-Guarded, High-Profit Formulas From Marketing Experts Who Prove Beyond The Shadow Of Doubt That You Can Easily Make Money On The Internet!”… “The Business Professional – Where The World`s Successful Online Business Owners Spill Their Secrets!”… “A No-Nonsense, Behind-The-Scenes Look At HowThe World`s Most Successful Internet Marketers Quickly & Easily Generate Sales And Leads (Any Day Of The Week) And How You Can Do It Too!”… “I Love The Content. It`s Fresh, New, Clean and Exciting!”
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